Board of Directors

Chairman’s Message

As the chairman of the Bahrain International School Association (BISA) I am delighted to welcome you to the Bahrain School. BISA has been working in partnership with the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) for about 50 years to ensure that the Bahrain School is an illustrious educational establishment that has a strong and long-standing history and reputation in the Kingdom of Bahrain for providing excellent education.

BISA has a very unique arrangement with DoDEA, the latter being responsible for the educational aspects at the school. The primary goal of BISA is to make Bahrain International School available to the children of all communities; it allows the local Bahraini and expat community to join the US military dependent students to create a diverse one-of-a-kind learning environment found no-where else in Bahrain or even internationally.

BISA is also the landlord of the School and takes care of the construction of the buildings, facilities and ground improvements as well as provides and manages a dormitory for those families that live outside of Bahrain, so that every child no matter where they’re from can still come and receive the very best American education.

Together we are fully committed to seeing your child grow and become a responsible and confident young adult as they join the multiple generations of successful and prominent Bahrain School Alumni. On behalf of BISA I would like to welcome you and thank you for considering the Bahrain School for your child’s educational needs whole-heartedly again.

Mohamed M. Alkhateeb
BISA Chairman

Bahrain International School Association (BISA)

The Bahrain International School Association (BISA) was officially formed under the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain on February 2, 1978 and assumed the responsibility for the Bahrain School and its operations. BISA succeeded the Bahrain School Trust, which had been responsible for joint coordination with the U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA). Under a twenty-year Lease Agreement signed May 15, 1978 between the Ministry of Finance and National Economy and BISA, BISA has leased approximately twenty-four acres in Juffair, Bahrain, where the Bahrain School is situated. The objectives of BISA are exclusively educational and charitable and no profits are allowed from the operation of the school or from its property. An agreement for operation and administration of the school exists between BISA and DoDEA. The scale of tuition fees is set annually by the U.S. Federal Treasury, and school tuition fees are paid by students in US dollars directly through the school’s DoDEA administration to the U.S. Federal Treasury.

BISA is responsible for all the new buildings for Bahrain School. BISA is also called upon from time to time to assist the DoDEA School Administration in the provision of goods and services to meet special needs, such instances being reviewed and considered for approval, on a case-by-case basis, by the BISA Board.

BISA owns, manages and operates a 120 bed Dormitory adjoining the school grounds for students whose parents are not resident in Bahrain. The BISA Dormitory normally caters for students in Grades 9 to 12 inclusive. Dormitory fees are payable directly to the BISA Administrator in Bahraini Dinars. All Dormitory enrollment inquiries should be directed to the BISA Dormitory. The BISA Dormitory operates under its own rules and regulations as outlined in the Dormitory Handbook.

Board of Directors

BISA Board meets monthly; meetings are closed. Board membership includes the DoDEA Principal and Assistant Principal, Chairman of the Local School Advisory Committee, Chairman and Treasurer of the PTSA, Dormitory Director and Dormitory Sub- Director, the BISA Engineer, BISA secretary to the Board, Commander Naval Support Activity Bahrain and Legal Advisory Naval Support Activity Bahrain and leading members of the Bahrain Industrial and Commercial Community.

The Dormitory Experience