Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID)

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a US nation-wide, college-prep program for students in the academic middle.

Using AVID’s organizational and study strategies, students accelerate academically by taking challenging courses of rigor which prepares them for both high school and college.

At the Bahrain Middle and High School, AVID is offered as an elective course that, like any other class, meets regularly. Each week, students receive classroom instruction, tutor led study groups, motivational activities and academic survival skills, including critical reading and writing skills. AVID students are encouraged to take high school prep courses in middle school (higher level math classes or a foreign language) and move into honors/advanced placement courses.

The mission of AVID is to ensure that ALL students, and most especially students who are in the academic middle:

  • Will succeed in a rigorous curriculum,
  • Will complete a rigorous college preparatory path,
  • Will enter mainstream activities of the school,
  • Will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges, and
  • Will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in society.

AVID’s systemic approach is designed to support students and educators as they increase schoolwide/districtwide learning and performance.

How AVID works:

  1. Students go through their homework and bring a question they are struggling with to class.
  2. They present their question to their peers, who then help them solve their problem by asking higher level questions

Cornell Notes:

  • Students are taught how to use the Cornell Method of note taking.
  • Students record their information in an organized way.
  • They review their notes by highlighting the main points.
  • By interacting with their notes, they will be able to retain it better.


Collaboration is an essential part of AVID. Your child will have the opportunity to work with his or her peers to succeed not only in AVID, but in all classes.

  • Tutorials
  • Socratic Seminar
  • Philosophical Chairs


  • Passion Speech
  • College Project
  • Career Project

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