Dormitory Building

Our Dormitory students are accommodated in one building with separate wings for both boys and girls. Each wing has a communal kitchen, laundry rooms and lounges. As well as a co-ed lounge located in the main building there is also a Recreation room located a few steps away which has several TVs and couches as well as a pool table and foosball table- this provides a great place for the students to socialize and play games.

Maximum Capacity:
120 Students


Dormitory Infrastructure

The Dormitory has three villas attached to the building accommodate some of the House Parents and their families, whilst some Houseparents live off-campus nearby. Houseparents are allocated to specific counsel groups/year groups relevant to their background and experience. Supporting the Houseparents is a dedicated team of administrators, drivers and housekeeping staff. In addition, the Dormitory team is supervised by the Dormitory Director who also resides on campus.

Secure Environment

Security is provided by the US Navy security team, and all gates to the campus are manned 24/7. The Dormitory building doors are locked every night and every Dormitory student is provided with an individual key to keep their rooms secure, all students are also encouraged to keep any valuables in their room lockboxes or alternatively in the office safe. All common areas that are not on the individual wings are monitored by CCTV to ensure everyone’s safety.

There are two registered nurses on staff, one of whom lives on campus and is available to the students 24 hours per day. The school has excellent relations with American Mission Hospital and it is often used by both students and staff whenever needed.

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