Residential Life

Our aim in the Dormitory is to foster a supportive and caring community for students in Middle and High School, where the students value belonging to a wider family. Dormitory students learn how to live, to work, to take on responsibility, and socialize in an internationally diverse community.

The Dormitory Family

A dedicated team of staff care for the dormitory students, fostering a mutually supportive family atmosphere. In the Dormitory the team is led by the Dormitory director and assisted by house parents, nurses and housekeeping.


Routine and knowing what to expect every day is an important scaffold for our young people. All houseparents promote daily routines including twice-daily roll calls (at study and bed time), Dormitory briefings, allocated study time, and age-appropriate bed-times Students are encouraged to use technology to support their studies and to communicate with their families. However, the use of the school network is monitored, and age appropriate restrictions are placed on devices at certain times.

Rising Time 7 am
Breakfast 7am to 7:55am
Extra Hour of Supervised Study
(for all students with low grades – as we monitor grades daily)
3:15pm – 4:15pm
Dinner 5:30pm to 6:15pm
Study Time (for all grades) 6:20pm to 8:45pm
Dormitory Activities 8:45pm to 10pm
Lights Out – Grades 6, 7 10pm (Bed preparation 9:15pm)
Lights Out – Grades 8, 9, 10 10:45pm (Bed preparation 10:00pm)
Lights Out – Grade 11 11pm (Bed preparation 10:15pm)
Lights Out – Grade 12 No set time for lights out, Bed preparation 10:30pm

The Dormitory Experience